Functional Overview

Your demand we listened. With the color rendering requirement of the theatre lights became the emphasis, the ACME AECO series, all equipped with High Color Rendering LED Engines, was born.

Featured the innovative 1,000 W HCRI LED engine, the ACME AECO 10 is a versatile horse you can count on and support every performance at CRI RA≥95 & R9≥90 with no compromise. Beneath the 180mm frontal lens, a complex but compact functional area is waiting. Fixed gobos, rotating gobos, saturated colors, 2 prisms, animation disk, framing shutters, linear CMY & CTO, all functions can be layered to create original and complex effects while maintaining a high luminous flux - at a tight angle of 5 °, the luminous flux reaches 80,300 lx @5m and 19,350 lx @10m. With a total lumen output of 31,000lm, the AECO 10 is not only a 4-in-1 hybrid moving head, but also an energy-saving and environmentally friendly partner, which ideal for large stages, theatres, dance halls, etc.


  • Diameter of lens: 180mm
  • Fits a powerful 1000W LED engine and its front lens is 180mm diameter
  • Color Temperature: 6,000K
  • high CRI mode lumen output up to 31,000 lm
  • High CRI mode Ra>95, R9≥90
  • At 5° angle & 10 meters distance, output achieves 19,350 lux
  • Linear CMY color mixing
  • Excellent color macro effect
  • Variable CTO: 2700K-6000K
  • Static gobo wheel: 1 static gobo wheel with 8 gobos
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos, convenient replacment
    • Outside diameter: 29.8mm
    • Inside diameter: 22mm
  • Color wheel: 1 color wheel with 6 colors
  • Animation wheel: 1 animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effect, the effect disk can rotate and be replaced
  • Prisms: 1pc 4-facet prism & 1pc 4-facets linear prism, both can rotate in either direction
  • Beam Angle: 5°-52°
  • Frost: 2 different frost filters to create and improve the wash effect. They can be used independently and overlayed
  • Motorized linear Iris
  • 4 x fast and smooth framing shutters; The position and the angle of each shutter blade can be controlled individually; Each shutter blade can block out light completely; The framing module can rotate at ±60 degrees
  • Flicker free management
  • Dust-proof and oil-proof design

Technical & Specification


  • AECO 10

Light source

  • Light Sources: Powerful 1000W LED engine
  • LED life expectancy: 20000 hours

Optical System

  • Advanced optical system to ensure image quality, clear and sharp
  • High - efficiency optical system, diameter of lens is 180 mm
  • Beam Angle: 5°-52°

Control & Program

  • 4-buttons touch panel
  • Display: LCD display
  • Battery backup for user setup without mains connection
  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM, Art-Net, sACN
  • DMX Protocol modes: 4
  • Control channels: 35,26,29,20
  • Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
  • Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade via DMX link or USB disk


  • Pan movement: 540°
  • Tilt movement: 270°
  • Fixation: Pan/Tilt lock
  • Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction

Rotating Gobos

  • 1 x rotating gobos, with 7 gobos plus open, convenient replacement
    • Outside diameter: 29.8 mm
    • Image diameter: 22 mm
  • Thickness: 1.1 mm
  • Max. thickness: 4mm
  • borofloat or better glass materials
  • Set with "SLOT & LOCK" system for gobos replacement

Static Gobos

  • 1 x static gobos with 8 gobos

Color Wheel

  • 1 x color wheel with 6 colors

Animation Wheel

  • 1 x animation wheel with outstanding water and flame effect, the effect disk can rotate and be replaced

Framing System

  • Blade: 4 fast and smooth framing shutters, each shutter blade position and angle can be controlled individually;
  • Movement is fast & smooth, with adjustable speed
  • Framing shutters can be precise motion with smooth movement
  • Each shutter blade can block out light completely, the framing module can be rotated at ±60°

Electrical & Connectors

  • Power supply with electronic auto-ranging
  • Input voltage range: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 1350 W
  • Power In/Out:Power Connector in/out
  • Data In/Out:3-pin & 5-pin XLR, RJ45 connector

Fixture Specification

  • Height: 770 mm (30.3")
  • Width: 308 mm (12.1")
  • Depth: 412 mm (16.2")
  • Weight: 43.2kg (95.2lbs)
  • Flight Case Dimensions:
    • Height: 905 mm (35.6")
    • Width: 595 mm (23.4")
    • Depth: 715 mm (28.1")
    • Weight: 85kg (187.4 lbs) (single loader case)

Work environment

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
  • Maximum surface temperature: 65°C
  • Minimum operating temperature: 0°C


  • Horizontally or vertically mounting are available
  • Operating position is universal
  • 2 pairs of locking points under the base
  • 2 x fixed clamps for 50 millimeter truss
  • Safety Rope Hole

Included items

  • Digital User Manual
  • Power Cable
  • 2 x fixed clamps for 50 millimeter truss

Optional Accessories (with item code)

  • Raincover:3033001750
  • Clamp:2060001632(C-250B)
  • Safety cable: 2060001603-A(SW-05)
  • Signal Line:3-pin & 5-pin signal line





Optional Accessories


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AECO 10 Dimension
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