People make great follow spot operators. They watch the show, anticipate a performer’s next move and follow it smoothly, precisely and accurately. The best spot operators have always bettered attempts to automate or computerize the process.

Spotrack TrAcme has changed that...

Using a patented 3D tracking system, sitting behind a camera-fed display which shows a view of the full stage, controlling lights simply by a mouse, one operator in a convenient location can follow a performer with up to 4 moving lights.

So, how does TrAcme work?

It consists of a camera, a computer and a DMX interface. The camera is positioned to give a full view of the stage and then image is shown on a screen, allowing the spot operator to follow the performer with a mouse. DMX from the console is then fed into TrAcme, then out to the lights.

Does it difficult to operate?

NOT AT ALL! TrAcme can compatible with any type of moving light. The light’s calibrate process is very quick and easy, too. Each light is calibrated by focusing it to just two points, and there are no sensors, belt packs, transmitters or receivers to set up, calibrate or for performers to wear. All calibration can be done on the computer.

And, anything else?

Make best use of each light! TrAcme has a control channel that governs whether one light is being controlled by the lighting console or by TrAcme. For instance, an operator may use one light as a follow spot whilst the rest do something else! If there’s a need to follow more than one person at the same time or with more than four lights, the technology is modular, so another TrAcme system can be integrated!

Easier and safer, Spotrack TrAcme opens up a whole new world of lighting possibilities...

Technical & Specification

Physical parameters

  • Operating voltage: AC 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Total power: 160W
  • Size: 745mm * 635mm * 905mm (with flight case)
  • Weight: 93kg (with flight case)
  • Link mode: 1x TrACME system can control 4x moving lights
  • One flight case included:
    • 1x TrACME tracking system
    • 1x 27 inch display screen
    • 1x Keyboard
    • 1x Mouse
    • 2x Diaphragm
    • 1x 3G-SDI diaphragm
    • 1x HD-SDI camera
    • 1x CA-EN28 converter
    • 1x Ethernet switch



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User Manual
Spotrack TrACME User Manual
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Spotrack TrACME FC Dimension
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