In•W•wap [in-wap]
1. An in-wall (WAP) wireless access point

2. No more wireless range problems

The innovative, discrete in-wall wireless access points that has been solving wireless range problems in residential homes, hotels, motels, businesses, and educational institutions all over the world.

InWwap's innovative in-wall wireless WiFi access points that easily installs into a single gang box and receives their data and power from a single CAT5E cable. There are four models available: one for the consumer, one for the larger residential and small office market, one for the hotel and larger enterprise market, and one that covers all three.

The HD28650 802.11b/g/n wireless access point (pictured right) is designed to fit into a standard single gang box. Now with WiFi and dual jacks for both data and phone. Finally a solution to fixing WiFi range problems. The HD28650 is an all-in-one in-wall data and phone port that is ideal for the Enterprise, Hospitality, Educational, and Residential Markets. With the discrete design of the HD28650 the unit can be installed almost any where; conference rooms, offices, dorms, classrooms, hotel rooms, motel rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms . . . the applications are endless.

The HD24613 is the consumer model which comes with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector and has a single SSID. The HD25140 is the larger residential model which, like the HD24613, has a single SSID but does not come with a PoE injector since most installs will use a PoE switch. Lastly, the HD27000 which has four SSIDs as well as PoE out the front port to power VoIP phones that require PoE. Because of the discrete design, placement of the in-wall access points can be where people are using their wireless most frequently. A kitchen, a bedroom, a media room, and even in an outdoor area (when used with our outdoor switch cover).
HD28650 802.11b/g/n Wireless AP (with white face plate)
These four models solve wireless network range problems by simply locating the WAP closer to the user which has not been an option with traditional WAPs. Traditional wireless access points are too large, often too ugly, and sometimes even too noisy to locate in these locations. The InWwaps have no external antennas yet the wireless range is greater than most traditional WAPs that have three or more external antennas.

Range problems are a function of the client devices. The laptop, the iPhone, the WiFi desktop card, the wireless control tablet and so on. These are all low-power devices. Typically only 23 to 63 mW. The answer to better WiFi is locating the wireless access point closer to the user. You can not do that with conventional wireless routers or access points. Nobody wants a box in their bedroom or kitchen with antennas sticking out of it. The beauty of the in-wall wireless access point is you can put the devices where the user is located when using their WiFi-enabled devices. Thus creating better WiFi connections and faster connection speeds.

In basic terms, it is like two people playing catch with a baseball. One person can throw the ball 500 feet but the other can only throw the ball 100 feet. You can not play catch unless you are within that 100 feet of each other. A common question we get is, "then why when I install a higher-power booster or higher-gain antenna do I see 5 bars now on my laptop." Well, sure. Now you have a person who can throw the ball 1,000 feet. You still are not going to have a successful catch unless you are within that 100 feet. WiFi is a two-way system. You request information from the router, then the router sends you the information. If you cannot request the information because you are too far, you have no WiFi.

The inWwap's can be installed and configured easily into any new wireless network or integrated within an existing wired network resulting in a more flexible and cost-effective wireless deployment. And a network administrator can centrally manage the inWwap's via a Web browser or an SNMP MIB browser.

Four models available:
  • HD28650 - All-in-one in-wall data and phone port that is ideal for the Enterprise, Hospitality, Educational, and Residential Markets. (Does NOT include PoE injector).
  • HD24613 - A complete kit designed for the smaller residential home that requires three or less InWwaps.
  • HD25140 - Designed for larger residential homes and businesses that require four or more InWwaps.
  • HD27000 - Specifically designed for the hotel, motel, and enterprise markets that require multiple SSID's, and PoE to power a VoIP phone.
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Shown In White
Shown In White
Shown In Almond

Hunter Green
Pewter Gray
Our series of InWwap's are now available in six standard colors.
Additional color choices are available on special order basis.

HD28650 available ONLY in off-white; face plate available in white, almond, black, and pearl (not shown).
Our InWwaps are available through authorized dealers and installers only. If you are interested in our InWwaps and would like further information, or you are a dealer or installer and would like to become authorized please contact Eric Olson at (631) 588-3877 ext. 126, or by e-mail; (

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